The Red Maple Tree

A single red maple tree stands firm bathing in the sun.

It is not planted in a gathering of trees but rather stands as one.

Roots burrowed below the grass clinging to the Earth.

Passers by spare no glance nor contemplate its worth.

Alone in a vast meadow unsheltered, insignificant and small.

But born with a strength it grows and weathers each day standing tall.

It’s branches dance in the wind and its crimson leaves sing.

Trying to adapt to challenges that each new season will bring.

Fierce storms have battered the red maple tree, leaving their mark.

Bolts of lightning strike its once strong core and badly singed its bark.

Raging winds have torn away its branches, leaving but a few.

Its trunk bends and struggles to hold even the weight of a morning dew.

A fragment of the tree it once was, no longer beautiful and strong.

Weeping its branches hang to its sides just barely holding on.

But a nest of two baby birds is now within its frail limbs and has taken ahold.

So the red maple vows to shelter the nest until these precious birds grow old.

Photo Source Credit: Google Search “Red Maple Tree”


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